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I am all about the nostalgic details in life. In the past two days, I have added to my baby cuff sleeve of ink with the word ‘Venus” intertwined into my Salvador Dali sketched lion head. Venus is my beacon of light and my first and most perfect cat. I adopted her when I was six years old, and now living in New York, far away from my Florida stricken feline, I miss her more than I can say. Being an only kid, my cats (I have five, and no shame is my middle name) are my crew. Don’t mess. 

Also, to add to my nostalgia consistency is this kicking new 1940’s hat, which I  posted about before, but hey, I can’t get enough of it’s simplicity and retro chic vibes it is throwing down. 

Scored big (literally) at buffaloexchange on 11th & 1st in the East Village with this vintage sweater coat, made in France. Ooh la la is right. Anyway, this baby is going to keep me warm in the upcoming days before it starts becoming an arctic jungle up in here. Only $20.00. I mean, I practically stole it with that price + quality. amen. 

I was reading about the surrealist theories of the work of Magritte this morning, and I am crazy stoked. I will be posting more in the future about this new academia passion, but for now, let me just say that it underpins the majority of my work and illustration designs, specifically for my clothing line graeycorporationinc which is evolving everyday. Statements are going to be made. 

I had the wonderful pleasure of working with schoolofvisualarts photographer, Lexxy Henderson on a ‘phobias’ based style shoot featuring our model Meghan and myself as the second model. Concepts of protection of phobias through outwear was the main goal to meet a simple point. Here is Lexxy’s final collection of edits. 

Most items are vintage and are collectively mine. I am looking into pulling from East Village thrifts in the next coming months. My skills as a vintage stylist are novice, but I have years under my belt from growing up estate/garage/thrift shopping in Florida (on a weekly basis) since I was in late middle school. Guess it is paying off, right? People move to Florida to retire as they say. Ten to one, most have the best of the best of antique and vintage. Amen to that. 

I have to admit I am obsessed with this hat. Found this baby today at No Relation Vintage in the East Village (11th & 1st Ave) for $5, and I am in love. It’s late 1940’s vintage, and fits perfectly snug. Honestly I do not know why turbans and these types of chapeaux are not back and raging in style. There is something quite cohesive about an outfit when a hat or headpiece is involved. 

Recently i realized that my friends are just as quirky as I, and goddamn, I love it. In between work and school, I try to spend as much time as possible with my creative crew up in the city. It does get quite lonely here, so my friends are little beacons of light. They even put up with my obsession with my ventriloquist dummy, Howdy. Bless them. 

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5 days ago via Lexxy Henderson (behind the scenes), 13 Sept. 2014.  

5 days ago    

Well, it is goddamn happening. The warmth has left NYC, and fall is smacking me in the face. I love me some October, but I am not mentally prepared for this! Also, my space heater (aka: my secret lover) now makes a subtle shaking noise that apparently vibrates the floor of my apartment most definitely aggravating my neighbor below me. So there’s that. 

Spending the morning jamming to some Metronomy, snapping a few pics around the apartment (the lighting is crazy colorful this morning) and working on some presentation boards for Saks Fifth + reading for a paper. (And I guarantee I will distract myself with some drawing or research and screw myself over with time - the struggle, guys.) And brunch perhaps. But, hot damn this week flew by faster than the speed of light. I was juggling a handful of overlapping freelance jobs (stylist assistant & Saks Fifth asisstant) plus NYU. Oh, and of course my current concentration, @graeycorporationinc, our upcoming clothing line manufactured in NYC. Everything comes in time, but I am progressing towards my goal with some spicy vigor. It’s been nonstop, but I am enjoying the ride.

Off to grab a cappuccino & head to my printers. Maybe I’ll get a tattoo today. Who knows. 

A women’s place is in the kitchen.

Okay, let me grab a knife.